Sunday, 29 June 2014

Bucket List, WILL YOU JOIN ME?! | Leah'xo

I told y'all in a blog post I wanted to do a Beauty Bucket List. This means every month I will state 5 things related to beauty I want to try. Every thing will have a hashtag so I can see if you have tried to do it with me. Please come on this journey with me. Don't worry what people will think. YOU WERE NOT BORN TO PLEASE THEM, BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. PEOPLE ARE GOING TO LOOK, GIVE THEM SOMTHING TO LOOK AT!!

  1. Wearing a bright lip - This month I want to try and rock a bright lip. Maybe Orange or a hot pink?! Comment down below or tweet me (@beautybyleahxo) what colour you think I should have a go at.
  2. Beachy Hair - I said beachy because it can be beachy waves, loose braids or volumized ponytail. The list is endless. I'm excited about this one because I used to put loads of effort into my hair, now I hardly brush it...
  3. Accent eyeliner - This probably isn't the best one for summer but when I have parties or special occasions I will have a chance to do this. I am R-U-B-B-I-S-H with eyeliner so I'm trying to do something out of my comfort zone.
  4. Accessories - When I wear a simple summer dress I feel fresh but theres always something missing!! So when I was thinking about what I could add in my Bucket List; I thought accessories would be brilliant. Now I have to add some to my outfit (experimentinnggg)
  5. Nail art - I love nice nail art, now I have an excuse to wear it :) 

Remember to tweet me @beautybyleah'xo with the hashtag #BLleahO
Have fun <3

Much Love, 

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