Tuesday, 21 October 2014

OOTD : Favorite Autumn Outfit | Leah'xo

The transition between Summer and Autumn is always the worst. Your body isn't used to all the rain and wind. A good jumper is always a big yes in anybody's wardrobe. The thing is my mum gave all my old clothes to charity so all I have is strappy tops and have absolutely no jackets!
So I hunted for a nice warm(ish) outfit that you can dress up and down.
Anyway let's get straight into what I have been wearing recently:   
Full Outfit - Cardigan - Primark, very cheap, I think around £5.

Plain Vest Top from George at ASDA,  £2.50

Acid Washed Jeans from Primark, £12
Lee Cooper Pink Canvas Pumps from Sports Direct, £10

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