Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Liebster Award.

Hey guys. I ever thought I'd get nominated to do an award or tag. I was very surprised when yesterday I got nominated for the Liebster Award. I have researched abit about the 'award' and it does suggest a few different strategies so I am just going to pick the one I have saw the most.

Thank you to Adele from All Things Adele. Everyone should go give her loves,follow her and check out her answers for her set of questions because she puts so much effort into her posts.<3. I can't believe how similar we are through our answers. I think this is such a good idea for new bloggers.

So here are the questions she asked :

   1. Why did you start blogging?
I watched loads of YouTube video's about makeup and a lot of tutorials, as I watched more and my subscription list got to nearly 250 channels. (Only about 50 of them were not beauty or fashion) I became more familiar with makeup and found myself wanting to start YouTube videos myself. But I wasn't brave enough, so I kept putting it off and then stumbled across blogspot. I fell in love with reading peoples blog and made my own one day. Now I love it and wouldn't change it for the world.

   2. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
I love the community of bloggers. They are all so nice and genuine. But my favorite thing is probably the feeling you get when someone comments on your post saying thank you for helping, or just a comment. It's reassurance people read your blog and like your contents. 

   3. Sweet food or savory food?
Good question :), I have to be in the mood for chocolate or sweets. So I think I'd pick savory. Give me a pack of sour cream and onion party mix crisps any day. Hahaha.

       4. Favorite film?
I am a (not so) secret Hunger Games and Harry Potter Fan :) But I think my absolute favorite film has to be ANY teenage romances. I just think they're so cute to watch - Hahaha.

      5.) What do you do in your spare time? (Besides Blogging)
In my spare time I do BSL. (British Sign Language) And I have my Level 1 qualification in BSL. I volunteer at a group who sign songs and raise money for the deaf community.

     6. Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the world?
I used to go abroad every year when I was little but now I have younger siblings we don't go abroad. They don't like the heat, If I went abroad I would love to go America. The first ever stop would be to Sephora just to experience it in person. Then I'd buy a McDonald's because apparently the meals are bigger than England's? Who knows.

     7. Do you prefer Tea or Coffee?
Easy - Tea. Stereotypical British person :) I only prefer it because I have no sugar in so I find it healthier for me ;) And its not as bitter...

     8. What is your favorite colour?
My favorite colour is White. I don't know why I just think it's clean looking and yeah that's about it :/ Hahaha

      9. What's your favorite type of restaurant?
I don't really eat out I usually have takeaways, but even then it's only when my mum's ill and doesn't want to cook or when we are having a DVD night. But I really love a Pizza takeaway. So Italian :)

     10. Are you a cosy night in or party all night type of person?
Hard one, I don't go to alot of parties but when I do I go all out and don't stop so in some ways I'm a party all night kind of person, but there is nothing better than relaxing in bed reading blogs, watching videos with a nice brew (cup of tea) and a chocolate biscuit...

 I hope my answers are OK, I've answered them honestly and I hope you enjoyed reading them.  I tag

Emma Louise from Emmy's Blog,
Katherine from KatherineRosie, 
Katie from Curvaceous Beauty,
Leah from Beyond the Velvet,
Rachel from Beyond the Velvet, 
And last but not least - 
Meg from A Day in the Life of a Teenage Girl.

My questions are:
 1.What's your number one played song on your phone/ipod/computer?
 2. If you could throw any type of party, what would it be like and what would it be for?
 3. What would you name your autobiography?
 4. What was the last movie, TV show or book that made you cry or tear up?
 5. What is your favorite smell and sound? (Strange I know! -Haha)
 6. What vision do you have for your blog in the future?
 7. How do you get ready/prepare to write a blog post?
 8. Who was your inspiration to start blogging?
 9. How open are you about your blog, do you tell people alot or are you more secretive?
 10. What is the first feature you look at in someone?

None of you have to do it but I love all your blogs and thought it would be nice to nominate you all <3 Good luck.

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