Monday, 2 June 2014

New Look's best buys | Leah'xo

I feel the urge to go shopping but I can't because I have no money. So instead I thought I'd share my online window shopping with you guys! New look* has amazing summer stuff and I want to buy the whole shop but I can't. Anyway...
*New Look is an English clothes shop, similar to forever 1 and places like that. They do ship internationally. Check "this link" to see if your country is one of them!

Well as usual I will list products and their price; all pictures will be below.

  • Basic Strappy Vests in any colour you could imagine. My personal favorite is the mint green. I love the pastel side to this colour and also the safeness of it. (Safeness is now a word, OK?) Every wardrobe as to have a simple vest top in there wardrobe. For only £2.99 and the offer 2 for a £5, I'd buy the two for a staple garment in my wardrobe.
  • When I stumpled across this bralet it took my breath away. It is coral in colour and a crossover design. I have wanted one of these to go under a sheer top but couldn't find a nice one. I don't really have the figure to wear on it's own but I know loads of people do! This bralet is £6.99 and paired with some shorts or skirt would look stunning.
  • For accessories I think this flower head garland in nude pink is a nice thing to throw on and it'll look like you've made loads of effort. For £3.99 you can't go wrong. I have been looking for one of these for AGES and have only found them for like £10. So when I get money this is gonna be number 1 on my list.
  • I love flower earrings, so when I found these 9 pack of neon flower earrings. I had to share with you guys. There are six pairs of little round studs and three pairs of neon flowers. These are great for people with there second piercings done because they can pair the colours. Also for a person with one piercing. They are very delicate looking so good for school or work.
  • What does any summer outfit need? White Flatform Jelly Sandals of course! (Also available in Pink, Black and clear) They add an edgy vibe to any outfit and make you look all 'oh yes, look at me' ahah. Anyway... (Who wants to know something personal about me?) I cannot stand feet, if a foot is touching me. ArGhHhH. They could be the most beautiful feet in the world, I don't care just nononono. Can't stand them, but these show off a perfect amount of foot :) Ahahah.Oh by the way these are £20

Anyway I hope you enjoyed and make sure to tell me if you have bought anything from New Look recently. We're all friends here, tell me the one thing you can't stand. I love hearing from you guys :* Please follow so you can easily see when I update <3

 I have not been paid to feacture anything in my blog, everything is my own opinion.

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