Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sunburn And New Clothing Haul | Leah'xo

*** Disclaimer, I am NOT skinny, I have a fuller figure and I am not at all body conscious. I would just like to say though if you are here to see a skinny perfect girl posing for pictures showing you her clothes you are in the wrong place. NO HATE, love y'all...***

Yesterday I was out in the sun playing with all of my mum's friends children. Casually doing duck, duck goose and all things fun. I came home with terrible sunburn, I am in so much pain. I have applied a tub of cream throughout the day. Any suggestions? I didn't think it was even that hot?!! Anyway aswell yesturday my mum treated me and took me shopping. Me and my sister got some clothes. She said that she'd take us again and get some more throughout the week. I got :
  • Coral Jelly Sandals --- £7.00
 I love my new shoes, they are not for everyone but I love them. They have a small chunky heel and are the perfect coral shade. They are bright but they are subtle (sort of). I am very pale but these shoes add a bit of colour to my skin.

  • Bright Coral Poka-dot Cropped Shirt --- £12.00
I love this shirt, I got a size bigger so it's not cropped because I don't have a belly for it :), It's like hip height. I like it when it is buttoned right to the top, with a chunky neclace. I usually pair this with leggings and my jelly sandals. This outfit reminds me of Velvetgh0st's outfits. I love her and her style.

  • Black Floral Cropped Shirt --- £12.00
This is very similar to my poka-dot one but in more of a subtle print. On the hanger it does look like a old woman's curtains but it's nice on. I was uming and awing whether to get this because well I just wasn't loving it. But my mum forced me to get it because she said it looked stunning. So I was like chuck it in the basket :) (It's hard to impress my mum).

  • Coral Lace Kimono --- £12.00
This is very delicate and will look great with jean's and a plain top. The colours more of a peachy coral colour. I am actually scared of wearing this because it's so thin lace I don't want to pull something then it being ruined. I'll just have to be brave :) I've wanted one of these for ages so I was happy when my mum picked it out. I did want a fabric one but now i've wore this I AM IN LOVE.

  • Burntout Aztec White Tee-Shirt --- £6.00
I got this top because it is plain white so will go nice under my kimono. It has a very light shade of coral (going on peach) with light blue detailing. So my light blue jean's will also go nice with this. This top's also I cropped top so I got a size bigger to make it hip hight. Oh how I have great images in my head of this outfit. It won't look as nice on though ;) Ahahaha...

Hope you all have a wonderful day x

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