Monday, 7 July 2014

11.1 Mile Walk For Charity | Leah'xo

Hello, I think sometimes I have to write 'daily bloggy' type posts. Today I walked 11.1 miles for charity. I know some people may think that's not long and some people will think it's really long. I personally am not fit and any chance I can I will get out of PE. Hahaha :) I have got a larger and fuller body figure than the average teenager now-a-days so I didn't think I could do it. 4 hours later I can tell everybody I have done it. I didn't get tired, I didn't want to give up; I powered through the first part and then on the way back my converse crushed my little toe so me and my best friend (her converse also done the same!) sort of waddled back. When I say waddled I mean we hardly lifted our feet off the ground and we didn't bend our feet we just sort of struggled through. Every teacher we passed asked if we wanted to stop. Me& my best friend refused to give up. We stormed through the finish line and had a laugh. I would just like to give a big shout out to my best friend - without you I wouldn't of been able to get through it <3

When we walked 6.5 miles that was where we was having lunch. The school (bless them) went all out to make sure we felt good about ourselves. The head's got dragged out and had a chance to speak and socialize with the students, they hired a BBQ to give us all free food. The teachers came around to congratulate. We just didn't have enough time though. We had 20 minutes to eat, go the toilet and then talk and rest. Well, I must of 'rested' for the maximum of 2 minutes... I sat down, to get up and go get a hotdog to sit down and eat the bread (sausage was too hot and I was desprate for the toilet) I then went the toilet and they could only let a few at a time go so I waited for like 10 minutes then I got there and had to wait for the public and a primary school to go. When I got back it was time to go.

Anyway, I would just like to thank the school and all my friend's for making this experience a great one (even though none of you will see this) I hope you all had a wonderful day and CONGRATULATIONS.

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