Wednesday, 17 September 2014

First Reviews - NYC Applelicious Lip Balm | Leah'xo

I went to Liverpool with my friend. We went to do homework but then decided to go shopping. I didn't have much money because we weren't suppose to go shopping so I was gutted but I still got something. I am planning to get loads of make-up and stuff for Christmas so I will have loads of posts etc.. Anyway I went into the Poundshop to get my little brother and sister a toy then I slowly passed the make-up section and something caught my eye. It was in a fushia pink tube and I recognized the brand so I picked it up not really looking too much of it. I just new it was lip balm.

I got home and swatched it and I am really impressed with it. The colour is Apple Blossom which is a sheer red. I think it is meant to be a plum colour but it's more of a reddy colour. It looks the least pigmented from what I can gather from google images. Resulting in it being perfect for school. It has a white apple center which gives me the impression that is the lip balm bit and the outside is the lipstick. Lips stay moisturized and best bit is it smells amazing. It actually smells of candy apples. I just want to eat it. I wouldn't advice it though :)

You can buy this off the Superdrug website for £2.49

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