Friday, 20 February 2015

Getting to know me - Leah'xo

Hey guys, I have been writing BlushinglyBlonde since May last year but to be honest I don't think I have given anyone the chance to get to know me. I think this is because I didn't want anyone from school or my family to know about it. Now l don't mind because I have over 30 followers which takes time and a lot of effort to get a blog up and running. I love blogging and to me its not about getting famous and free samples. To somebody that does not write a blog they may think 30 followers is not much because they don't respect the effort it takes but for me I couldn't believe it and I am so thankful.

Anyway, I wanted to start of this year with a clean slate. I want everyone to get to know me so overall everyone can have a better experience when reading my blog. I am going to put a lot more time and effort into my blog so starting off I am going to answer some questions...

1. Brief Summery About You!
My name is Leah, I am 14 years old (15 in 19 days!!) I live in England and have an amazing family and group of friends that I would do anything for. I am in Year 10 and have started doing my GCSE's which is a shock to my system but I am finding them OK and actually quite fun.

2. Why did you start a blog and how did you come up with the name?
After becoming obsessed with youtube I really wanted to start a youtube channel, but knowing that I really did not have the confidence (or the equipment) I started to create a blog. My blogs name was originally LeahsBeautyLife or something along the lines of that🙈. After a while I started feeling a bit down about the name because everybody else's blogs had such inspirational and creative names. So (as you do) I googled it and read a good article - after a week of thinking I came up with BlushinglyBlonde. Because I am blonde and I have a bit of a problem with blusher, it's my favourite makeup product.

3. Something you love? 
Well this is an easy one! Something I love is making an effort. Not for anyone for yourself. Some people do forget to do this sometimes. "Who you makin' an effort for?" Thats probably the most annoying thing ever when you put on a bit of lipstick. I can't speak for adults but I know this is the case for teenagers. I love walking the shop feeling like I'm on a catwalk, hahah! Who doesn't? 

Thank you for reading - What do you love?
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