Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Mistakes we have all made... | Leah'xo

Hey guys, today I am going to share 3 beauty related mistakes we have ALL made in the past summer. I am writing this so you don't make them this summer.

1. Skipping moisturiser. You may feel that you can stop using moisturisers because your skin tends to get more oily (sweaty) through-out the summer days. But don't stop using your daily moisturiser because your skin will be deprived of moisture. Your pores will then produce more oil to help with the dryness and then --- Constantly Oily Skin....

2. Wearing your hair up - too tight, too often. This may be an odd one but many people scrape their hair off their face so they aren't too hot. This is very bad for your hair. The hair elastics snap your hair if you wear it in the same place continually. Which causes those pesky fly away hairs. If you want your neck to breath try a loose(ish) messy bun or a braid. Even if you losen the hair elastic...
3. Make-up isn't attached to your face remember. When you sweat it will slip down or run. Try and use a primer for the extra security. If you tan in the sun remember to be ready to buy a foundation that matches your tan and if you wear nude lipstick. Well, that nude (when you have a tan) isn't nude anymore it may turn into concealer lips. Becareful!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, feel free to comment if you have done any of these or if you have anymore tip/mistakes. Love y'all...


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