Thursday, 28 August 2014

Haul - Primark, TJ Hughes and Much More | Leah'xo

My Mum, my Sister and I went shopping for my school uniform. The one rule we had was not to get side tracked by everything else. I can tell you that went out the window when we saw this very cheap outlet shop. So here we go....

First from Primark I got a beauty blender dupe. It is actually called an egg sponge and was £1.50. It is a peach and actually is like a neon peach. I am in love with this already and I only tested it on a tiny bit of concealer when I got home. I hope this is a good purchase because I'd much rather spend £1.50 for a quick application that around £16 because ain't nobody got time for that. I am going to do a full first impressions tomorrow when I am doing my make-up.

The next thing I got from Primark was a eyebrow pencil. I have only recently started doing my eyebrows because my eyebrow hair is invisable it is so blonde, everything I tried made them turn ginger or too dark until recently when I purchased the MUA eyebrow pencil. (EYEBROW ROUTINE COMING SOON...) So I took a gamble and hoped the 'light' shade was not too dark and it had a cool undertone. I just done a little swatch and it did come out abit dark but I am hoping with the spooley on the end I can buff the colour into my eyebrow. This was £1 and I am actually very impressed with the softness of the spooley.

From Primark I also got a Gel Effect Top Coat. I am sick of my nail varnish chipping the next day so I thought the Gel Effect would add some extra strength. The top coat I have is like water and just makes your nails a mess so I am quite excited to try this. I am hoping to do some aztec nail art for my mums friends birthday party coming up. I might do a step by step tutorial. Anyone interested?

The last thing I got from Primark was a twin pack of make-up remover wipes. I got the deep cleansing ones (in blue packet). I don't know what skin type I have for certain but I have come to a conclusion I am combination. I have quite oily skin but I get severe dry patches aswell. The blue ones say they are for combination skin so I am hoping they are okay because my dryness has flared up and my face is quite sore.

I also went to TJ Hughes. If anybody doesn't know what this shop is it's like TK Maxx. It has loads of things from beauty to fashion to home ware for a discounted price. I got 2 things from there. The first item is false eyelashes. I am going to a party next week and wanted to try some false eyelashes out and I saw some for 50p and thought they were a steal. I brought them home and the glue had dried up which is very disappointing but I can just buy some more glue. They are super long aswell :) I bought 2. One for Practicing and another for the actual night. I may just buy some Girls Aloud ones though.

The last thing I got was some concealer. NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Concealer in Light. From the tiny bit I but on my face it seemed so smooth. I was abit sceptical because it is a thick formula so I thought it would crease under the eye and sink into fine lines and creases but it never. I also hope this is a good concealer because I really want it to be. This was only 99p reduced for £3 I think. So anyway it's a good price.

I then went into a shop called Roman and got my school bag. It is a dark brown with like a muddy gold colour on it's sides. I loved this as soon as I saw it. It was originally £30 but it was marked down to £15. All the bags were half price and they all were beautiful. The bag is amazing and it also comes with a shoulder strap resulting in me rushing to the till with my mum's credit card :) LOVE YOU MUM :) She also loved it so she was happy I made a quick choice - last year it took me about 20 shops to pick one, obviously at different times. I am just very picky and I know what I want. Hahah.

My sister and I was very good and only got one thing from the cheap outlet shop. My mum on the other hand :) I got a pair or dark blue shorts with aztec designs on the side. They were originally £12 and they were only £2!! I absolutely love them. I tried them on and they are a lovely fit, but to be honest I could of got away with a size smaller but I don't care:)

I hope you are all well, are you ready for school? Comment down below your favorite shop!!

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