Monday, 1 September 2014

School Emergency | Leah'xo

Most schools go back to school tomorrow, I go back on Wednesday so I am going to do my preparing tomorrow. *Keep updated for my back to school uniform* Anyway what I can do it my DIY Emergancy Kit for school.

 1. Deodorant - Last year I was guilty of having to ask loads of people for deodorant because I hadn't got any and I was sweating. So I would suggest to take a roll on deodorant incase you set of your fire alarms but I take spray because ain't nobody got time to be unbuttoning shirts taking them off waiting for the roll on to sink into your skin and then buttoning your shirt #firstworldproblems Ahaha.
 2. Hair Brush - School isn't always easy. You may need to brush your hair at break because you have been pulling it out to try and answer your algebra question. Just a simple small one or a tangle teaser.
 3. Chewy or Mints - There may be a time where you eat your tuna sandwich and feel abit insecure or where you just need to chew. Just don't let on you have any or you will be replacing them everyday, people go crazy for them :)
 4. Shine Blotting Tissues - If you are like me and have a very oily T-zone you may need these just to freshen up through-out the day. Even though you can add powder I just find these do a better job as powder may make you look cakey.
 5. Lip Balm - I always have chapped lips so I have medicated lip balm from ASDA but you can have tinted lip balm. Adding abit more your style into it :)
 6. Lotion - When you are always washing your hands in school your hands can get sore and dry so if you just add a travel sized body lotion you won't have that problem, I always get dry around my fingernails so this helps alot.
 7. Perfume or Body Mist - Even if you add 1000 squirts of perfume it if going to wear off throughout the 6 hour day. Just so you can smell nice take a small body spray. This helps if you are abit sweaty aswell :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my Emergency School Kit, make sure to comment down below if you think I have missed anything out.


  1. Thank you for following my blog. Im a new blogger too and the main tip i can give you is photos make a blog. The better the photos are the more people will want too look :) x

    1. thank you so much, I am going to do them now. I always am suppost to do it but I never do, I will from now on thanks x