Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Halloween | Leah'xo

Hey guys, it's coming into the Halloween Season. In England we aren't big on Halloween. We buy sweets and give them out but America is mental (in a good way) when it comes to Halloween. As Grav3yardgirl shows every year people in her neighborhood are so generous. Anyway this is just a quick post on what type of tutorials should I do? I cannot do all the fancy stuff just simple make-up ideas. For example:

Elsa from Frozen.
Queen Of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland
A Sexy Vampire for all the older teenagers out there :)
A witch again for older people :)

Half a face of make-up and half candy skull.

Yeah so guys if anybody wants a specific one make sure to comment down below. "I'm not a mind reader" Quoted from all the mothers out there. Happy September and See you SOOONN


  1. hello sweety!
    you have a beautiful blog, a lot of interesant information & amazing pics, so inspiring me!
    thank you for it. Tell me how about follow each other? Let me know, I always follow back!
    Keep in touch :*
    have a great day!


    1. thank you so much, your blog is amazing too! I can't seem to find the gadget to follow you? x